Yarak: from Persian یارکی (yârakî, “power, strength, ability, boldness”)

Yarak: from Persian یارکی (yârakî, “power, strength, ability, boldness”)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


The long eared owl flew away in the middle of his feed fly today. He commonly throws an attitude when display flying however he has never flown off. It was my first time flying him and having imprinted very strongly on another member of staff, I worry it may be due to an unfamiliar handler. He is so small and to be honest, a little simple- I'm worrying how he'll fare if it rains tonight. I spent a couple of hours walking the farmlands, waving a chick in one hand and calling him in an australian'esque accent (a voice and tone he is accustomed to) to no avail. The search continued after my shift had finished but no luck so far.

He is a beautiful character and a definate crowd pleaser, his bold personality in such a small form usually providing plenty of laughs. He is adored by his handlers. I hope so much to wake to a call that he is back with a hunger tomorrow morning.

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